Yamaha YSP-5600 Soundbar til TV

Med den unikke Yamaha Digital Sound Projector-teknologi, kan du nyde film og musik med surroundlyd. Yamaha YSP-5600 understøtter Dolby Atmos og DTS-X og kan gengive 7.1.2 kanaler fra en enkelt enhed, der er udstyret med 46 højttalere. YSP5600 har også indbygget MusicCast multirums funktion
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Den absolutte topmodel indenfor Yamahas soundbar sortiment.

Sound from Above, for an Incredible Sense of Presence. The Dream 3D Surround Sound Has Arrived.

    Real 3D Surround Sound Reproduction Realised in a Single Unit by Digital Surround Projector Technology

    Inside the unit’s front grille are 44 precisely calculated and positioned speakers. In order to create 7-channel sound beams (Front left/right, Centre, Surround left/right, Height left/right), each of the speakers is controlled by and individual delay time and is driven with its own independent amplifier circuit. These beams are projected onto the walls and ceiling, to be reflected accurately to the listening position. This creates the same sound as real wall and ceiling speakers —not a virtual sound, but real 3D surround sound reproduction. In addition, the YSP-5600 uses the Surround channel sound beam for Surround Back, and the Surround channel is phantom merged to support the equivalent of up to 7.1.2-channel Dolby Atmos or DTS:X reproduction.

      Incorporates the First YSP to Create a Height Channel by Using Sound Beams from Specific Array Speakers

      Height channel audio playback is realised by placing six array speakers at each end of the unit (a total of 12). For these array speakers, 28mm diameter units are used. In order to obtain the maximum sound beam effect, they are mounted on an angled baffle and sound beam vertical control is adapted. Sound field reproduction is just as if real speakers were mounted on the ceiling, so you get great sound without the bother of mounting speakers and stringing wires.

        Height Channel Positions Can Be Precisely Adjusted to Match the Listening Position

        For reproduction of the latest surround sound formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the relationship between the listening position and the height channel locations is very important for faithful reproduction of the sound space. The YSP-5600 adjusts the angle of the sound beam directed at the ceiling allowing the height channel position to be matched to the listening position either manually or automatically. Even if the listening position relative to the display changes, you’ll get the effect of the height channel for natural 3D surround sound.

          Directed Sound Beams Realise Distinct Height Channel Audio

          The height channels can be located as close to the listening position as the centre speakers, and their positions and sound quality have a large effect on the live performance feeling created by multi-dimensional sound. By using directed beams reflected just once off the ceiling for reproducing the height channels, the YSP-5600 obtains a sharp sound position and distinct sound, ensuring realistic reproduction of environmental sounds such as thunder. You’ll experience the thrill of 3D surround sound that “rains from heaven.”

            Dialogue Lift Ensures Proper Dialogue Orientation

            With many soundbars positioned below the TV, especially when the TV is a widescreen model, dialogue and vocals seem to be coming from below the people who are talking or singing. To prevent this problem, the YSP-5600 has a Dialogue Lift function (adjustable in three steps) that causes the reflecting beams from its array speakers to raise the apparent height of the dialogue to appropriate levels on the screen. You enjoy sounds and images that are perfectly aligned, just as in a movie theatre.

              Compatible with the New Formats Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

              The YSP-5600 supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the latest surround sound formats that have attracted a lot of attention in the movie industry. Dolby Atmos is supported by the unit when shipped, while DTS:X is planned to be supported with a firmware update.

                Supports Yamaha’s Own CINEMA DSP 3D Mode

                Yamaha’s original CINEMA DSP 3D Mode adds an expansive height direction to the sound field, creating a rich surround space. The YSP-5600 supports this feature by using special array speakers to create vertical beams. You can enjoy the feeling of a live performance with standard sound formats, and combine this effect with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X to enjoy a more natural expansion of the 3D surround sound.

                  Choose One of Four Listening Modes to Match Your Scenario

                  The YSP-5600 is equipped with four listening modes: 3D Surround, which commands five horizontal beams and two vertical beams to recreate the equivalent of up to a 7.1.2-channel three-dimensional sound field; Surround, which uses five horizontal beams to perform normal 5.1-channel surround playback; Stereo, which uses a special vertical beam speaker as a tweeter to produce high sound quality 2-channel stereo from audio sources; and Target, which aims monaural speech clearly to a precise location in the room. In 3D Surround mode you can optionally select CINEMA DSP 3D Mode, while in Surround mode you can optionally select CINEMA DSP, providing a wider variety of sound field programmes.

                    Intellibeam Automates the Height Channel Settings

                    The YSP-5600 employs beam optimisation and sound optimisation features with the aid of the supplied IntelliBeam microphone, allowing you to avoid troublesome listening-based setup and achieve highly accurate sound adjustments that best match your listening environment. Together, these two features are called IntelliBeam. The positions of the sound beams directed at the ceiling can also be automatically set. The YSP-5600 can thus reproduce the live music ambience of a variety of rooms.


                      MusicCast er Yamahas multirums funktion. Du kan bruge alle dine MusicCast-produkter sammen eller hver for sig - du bestemmer. Styr det hele fra én app, som er designet til at være hurtig og nem at bruge. Brug soundbars, trådløse højttalere, AV receivere, Hifi-systemer - brug lige hvad der passer bedst til din situation. Sammensæt og udbyg dit MusicCast system efterhånden som tiden går. Yamahas MusicCast system gør alt tilgængeligt for alle, overalt.

                      MusicCast udvider dine underholdningsmuligheder

                      MusicCast employs a high performance wireless network to deliver music and audio enjoyment. It can stream digital music content from your smartphone, PC or NAS to other MusicCast devices in your home. It can also share the music from external devices such as a TV or BD p layer connected to the YSP-5600. Audio content from Bluetooth-connected smartphones or tablets can also be streamed to MusicCast devices in multiple rooms. All MusicCast models support Bluetooth. Not only can you enjoy streaming all content from your smartphone including content from video hosting services and music applications, but you can also distribute audio to other rooms. In addition, a wide range of sound source s are supported including MP3, WMA, AAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, FLAC and AIFF.

                        Kontrol-app er nem at betjene

                        The MusicCast Controller app can be used with a single MusicCast product or with multiple MusicCast products. The app features a beautifully designed display, which you can customise to your taste. Operation requires simply tapping the display, making it extremely easy to enjoy the music you want to hear. In addition, by using the YSP-5600 Beam setting or surround adjustments, you can perform detailed sound adjustment.

                        This app puts control of your home listening experience in the palm of your hand. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

                          Bluetooth udgang for praktisk musikstreaming

                          YSP-5600 er udstyret med den nyeste Bluetooth-teknologi, som gør trådløs funktion bedre end nogensinde før. Du kan stream'e musik fra YSP-5600 til Bluetooth-hovedtelefoner eller højttalere.

                            Streaming-tjenester tilbyder et stort udvalg af valgmuligheder for dig som lytter

                            Support for the music streaming services Spotify, Juke and Napster means you’ll enjoy a wide variety of music content. Furthermore, support for the vTuner radio station database enables sampling of Internet radio broadcasts from around the world.

                              Trådløs streaming af musik via Bluetooth® eller AirPlay

                              Enjoy music from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection. You can also use the convenient AirPlay function for wireless music streaming from iPhone or iPads. In addition, a Bluetooth standby mode provides the convenience of having the YSP-5600 turn on and off automatically.

                                Eco Design

                                All MusicCast-compatible models feature Standby power mode that achieves low power consumption of under 3 Watt . And taking the Eco design concept a step further, the YSP-5600 has even lower power consumption of less than 1.6 Watt in Standby power mode. In addition, the Auto power Standby function automatically turns the power off after a set period of time with no signal elapses. This eco-design makes MusicCast thoroughly friendly to the environment.

                                  Simple Exterior Design Doesn’t Interfere with Your Viewing

                                  The front panel and the indicator section are covered by a mesh grille, achieving a simple, elegant look. The mesh on each end curves around to the upper panel, subtly asserting surround support. The indicator section lights only when needed, to avoid interfering with viewing. Even with its special vertical beam speakers the unit is only 1100mm, 100mm smaller than the previous YSP-5100 model, and the depth is only 93mm (without stand), making it an extremely slim presence in your room.

                                    HDMI Terminal and 4K Ultra HD Full Support with 4K60p, HDCP2.2

                                    Denne hjemmebiograf receiver understøtter den nyeste HDMI standard. Evnen til at håndtere 4K video med 60 billeder i sekundet, så du fuldt ud nyde 4K Ultra HD. Denne model understøtter også HDCP2.2

                                      Trådløs subwoofer kit inkluderet

                                      SWK-W16 bruges hvis man vil tilslutte en subwoofer trådløst. Du behøver derfor ikke at føre en subwooferledning mellem YSP-5600 og subwooferen, hvilket ofte giver flere placeringsmuligheder.

                                        Supports Custom Installations

                                        The unit provides an IR-OUT terminal as an IR path out function. This means it can detect almost any IR signal at the front to output electrical signals. It also has an IR-IN terminal for receiving remote control signals electrically from other units. In addition, it supports Control4 home automation signals, making it perfect for custom installations.

                                          Additional Menus for Hotel Room Use

                                          Additional menus are provided for settings such as preventing accidental operation by guests. For example, with the Turn-On Volume setting, when power is turned on the volume is automatically set to a reasonable volume to avoid the surprise of very loud sounds. The max. volume can block high volume settings, and the Input Lock can prevent accidental operation.

                                            Øvrige features

                                            Clear Voice fremhæver og gør dialogen lettere at høre.

                                            Music Enhancer forbedrer lyden fra komprimeret kilder f.eks. internet radio og MP3 filer.

                                            Adaptive DRC forstærker dynamiken.

                                            OSD på 10 forskellige sprog.

                                            Mulighed for vægmontering.

                                            Subwooferudgang til aktiv subwoofer.

                                            Der er ingen energimærke til dette produkt

                                            Output Channel 7.1.2-channel

                                            Udgangseffekt 128 Watt total power 88 Watt array speakers + 40 Watt woofers

                                            Standby strømforsyning 0.3 Watt (HDMI control OFF, Network Standby OFF), 1.6W (HDMI Control OFF, Network Standby ON, Wi-Fi ON)

                                            Beam Drivers Array speaker for Vertical Sound Beam 2.8 cm (1-1/8") x 6 beam drivers x2 (L/R), Array speaker for Horizontal Sound Beam 4.0 cm (1-1/2") x 32 beam drivers

                                            Basendhed 11 cm (4-1/2") x 2 woofers

                                            Input / Output HDMI 4 in (Input1 HDCP2.2) / 1 out (HDCP2.2, ARC)

                                            Digital Optical 2 in

                                            Digital Coaxial1 in

                                            Analog Audio 1 in

                                            Subwoofer output Yes

                                            HDMI 4K Pass-through Yes (60p)

                                            x.v.Color Yes

                                            3D Pass-through Yes

                                            ARC Yes

                                            CEC Yes

                                            Auto Lip-Sync Yes

                                            Sound Technology Surround Technology Digital Sound Projector

                                            CINEMA DSP Movie 3 (Sci-Fi, Adventure, Spectacle)

                                            CINEMA DSP Music 3 (Music Video, Concert, Jazz Club)

                                            CINEMA DSP Entertainment 4 (Sports, Talk Show, Drama, Game)

                                            BEAM indstillinger 3D SURROUND, SURROUND, STEREO, TARGET, My Surround

                                            Compressed Music Enhancer Yes

                                            Audio Formats Dolby Atmos Yes

                                            Dolby TrueHD Yes

                                            Dolby Digital Plus Yes

                                            Dolby Digital Yes

                                            Dolby Digital EX Yes

                                            DTS X Yes (possible with a firmware update)

                                            DTS-HD Master Audio Yes

                                            DTS-HD High Resolution Yes

                                            DTS Digital Surround Yes

                                            DTS-ES Yes

                                            DTS 96/24 Yes

                                            LPCM Yes

                                            Connectivity Wireless Music Streaming Yes (with Bluetooth)

                                            Wi-Fi Yes (IEEE802.11b/g/n, Radio Frequency Band 2.4GHz)

                                            AirPlay Yes

                                            Bluetooth Version/Profile (Version) Ver. 2.1 + EDR (Codec) Receiving SBC, MPEG4-AAC / Transmitting SBC

                                            Ethernet Yes (100base-T, 10base-T)

                                            Other Features IntelliBeam Yes

                                            OSD Yes

                                            On-Screen Display Languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese

                                            ECO Mode Yes

                                            App Control Yes

                                            Accessories (Optional) Wall Mounting Bracket SPM-K30

                                            Mål (B x H x D) [without stands] 1,100 x 212 x 93 mm, [with stands] 1,100 x 216 x 122 mm

                                            Vægt 11.7 kg

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