Studio Connections Reference Plus Biwire Højttalerkabel

Reference Plus Biwire
Reference Plus kan fås i en bi-wire udgave til dem, der vil udnytte højttalerne maksimalt og måske endda lave bi-amping. Kablet i studiekvalitet er måske præcist det, der giver dig det sidste i systemet.
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Studio Connections Reference Plus cable is a very highly regarded speaker cable. This cable is currently being used as the main monitoring cable at the EMI- Abbey Road studios in all the main recording and mixing rooms. 

Again, understanding the perception of sound and the matter of fact physics required to deliver, these cables complement our interconnects and digital cable superbly, giving a truly clear path for the emotion, intimacy and immediacy of music to come through. 

Designed with scientific principles and the guidance of some of the best engineers in the business, this patented high purity, ultra-stranded OFC copper (Cu) silver (Ag) hybrid and olefinic/nitrogen dielectric combination is optimised for speed and phase linearity within and well beyond the audio spectrum. 

Additionally to being a very 'fast' cable (low propagation delay) it also extends undetectably down though the mid range to effortlessly provide a full bass response without any 'pinching' of power or low end delay. Mechanical damping incorporated in the cable and an optimised twist to the conductors dissipates any vibration or mechanical transmission between the loudspeaker and amplifier and efficiently rejects radiated interference without compromise to the cables' outstanding performance. 

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