Studio Connections Reference Plus Signalkabel

Reference Plus
Studio Connections er kabler i studiekvalitet og lavet til at opfylde de strengeste krav til signaloverførsel, og kvaliteten er tårnhøj
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Reference Plus Interconnect is used as a benchmark by top audio professionals and music enthusiasts who value the way it allows the components in a system to perform at their musical best, and ultimately get as close to the original mastered sound as possible. 

As well as discerning home customers, acclaimed producers rely on this cable in the mix and mastering stages of music production because of its faithful delivery of audio. Studio Connections Reference Plus cable does not just benefit the audiophile, but it is an important part of the chain right from the source and contributes to the reputation of the recorded arts. 

'Reference Plus' interconnect has all the right technical attributes making it a high speed of propagation cable that delivers excellent phase coherence. This results in Reference Plus being a very musical cable presenting excellent clarity and audio image. 

Product Information 
Reference Plus Interconnect is available as a balanced type, terminated in our own XLR connectors or as a single ended type terminated with our own RCA connectors.

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